One Touch More
By Rebecca Newsom
Mar 12, 2016 - 4:03:56 PM

Tabitha Martin is a nursing student with an affinity for bad boys. Her sordid childhood has created a deep rooted need to fix bad boys she dates. Sometimes those bad boys just can't be fixed. The last bad boy she dated is using her little brother as leverage to force Tabitha to house a major drug deal in the hotel she works for. With hers and her brothers lives on the line Tabitha has sworn off of bad boys for good... That is until she meets Damien.


Parker Evans is a man under cover. Working undercover as Damien for too many years has caused the lines between reality and work to blur. This tattooed, hulking beast of a man is the perfect agent to pose as a drug runner. When paths cross with Tabitha, Damien struggles between doing his job and protecting the woman he finds himself falling in love with.
Mandy Baxter played out the perfect suspenseful romance book. While Damien is working undercover to bring down a major drug operation, Tabitha is being forced to keep it running at all costs. When Damien's path crosses with Tabitha, you know you are in for a bumpy ride. Smoking hot love scenes lead to a fall out of epic proportions when Damien's real identity is revealed. You can only hope that these two lovers can somehow work things out. I loved how Mandy made the characters realistic, even though the story line follows an undercover agent the story line did not seem far fetched. Throughout the book Mandy made me feel such sympathy for the characters and a desire so strong for her characters to experience a happy ending that they both deserved. I give this book 5 stars.

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