One True Heart - Harmony series, book 8
By Diana S
Jun 19, 2015 - 1:15:45 PM

Captain Millanie McAllen limped off the plane on crutches at the Amarillo airport. Having just been decommissioned because of her injuries, she is now a civilian who has nowhere to go. She chose Harmony, Texas, because she has lots of relatives there and it always felt like home. The airport was closing for the night but one person, besides herself, was still there.

Drew Cunningham was on his way back home from Chicago when he encounters Millianie trying to retrieve her duffle bag from the turntable in baggage claim. He offers to get it for her since she was having difficulties on her crutches. When he finds she is headed to Harmony, he offers her a ride. There are no other options so she gratefully accepts. For some reason Drew is drawn to her and wants to get to know her better.

On Millanie's first day in Harmony she has a visitor from the Army informing her she is not discharged, as yet. They want her to help them find the person, or persons, who is flying laundered money out of the country to aid terrorists in foreign countries. She is told she will have a contact who will furnish her with information on all the recently new residents of Harmony and the surrounding areas.

Drew lives in a cabin at Twisted Creek where he has come to hide out. He is a college professor and is writing a book on the history of Harmony, Texas. He feels like there has to be a story behind the woman he has brought to Harmony to heal.

Drew and Millanie make a strange pair but become good friends. Drew wants more but Millanie doesn't know what will happen to her life and how well she will heal from her wounds. Finding out each other's secrets and meeting all the interesting characters that become part of this story make this book a page turner. A story of healing, suspense, neighbor helping neighbor and the true romance life can bring if you let it, make this book one I recommend to all.

I give this book 5 Blue Ribbons on Romance Junkies' website because I am enamored with small towns and the lost souls that can be found there, especially with a talented author like Jodi Thomas.

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