One-Two Punch
By Natasha Smith
Oct 8, 2008 - 8:36:02 AM

Beth’s life has taken on a sort of monotonous tone.  Every day on her way to the bus stop, Beth finds herself looking for and watching the owner of the gym she passes.  After seeing the handsome man stranded at a restaurant by an angry date, Beth decides to go out on a limb.  She goes into his gym and signs up for boxing classes.

Harry experiences instantaneous arousal when Beth first walks into his gym.  Sparks fly and both Harry and Beth can’t keep their hands to themselves.  Their relationship is going strong, but with the arrival of Ky, his friend and former army buddy, Harry is uncertain of asking Beth to accept Ky into their relationship.


Harry’s worry is for naught as Beth falls for Ky almost from the start.  Now, the only thing keeping their relationship from becoming permanent, is Harry and his feelings for Ky.  Feelings that Ky seems to reciprocate.


ONE-TWO PUNCH by Katie Allen is a powerful look at how three people can make the ménage relationship work.  Each character loves and needs the other.  Inhibitions are left at the door.  Add in the protective instincts of both males and Beth has to be one of the most cherished female characters I have yet to read. 


A ménage match made in heaven, ONE-TWO PUNCH pulls no punches.  It is fiery hot and decadently sinful but most of all, it is a story of love and acceptance.  My keeper shelf is one book heavier!

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