One of These Nights - Harvest Cove #3
By Jo
Aug 31, 2015 - 7:36:08 PM

ONE OF THESE NIGHTS returns us to Harvest Cove where I'm happy to meet up with so many of the characters we've met before.  The businesses, the town and the people made me feel like I was home.

Castle's ONE OF THESE NIGHTS, BOOK 3 in the HARVEST COVE SERIES, wasn't anything like I expected but I was engaged from the first page to the last.  Although Zoe and Jason have danced around each other before I guess it's true what they say that there's a thin line between love and hate. There were a lot of emotions involved especially regarding Jason and his relationship with his family which was nothing if not dysfunctional.  His younger brother who seemed to have a lot of personal issues was the golden boy at least to their mother and he was always being thrown in Jason's face.  His mother had her own agenda and anyone who didn't fall in line with her plans became a casualty.  We learn a lot about his how he grew up, his home life and his childhood and it was nice to see Zoe step up to the plate to speak on his behalf and be protective of him especially in her role of "fake" girlfriend.  The sparring between them gave me chuckles at times but other times was heart-wrenching especially if they misread each other.  The relationship between Jason and his cousin, Jake, was his salvation growing up along with Jake's mom. The interactions between Zoe and her friends felt real. There were a lot of interactions between the characters and vivid descriptions of the town, the homes and gave some of the back story.  There were a few twists and turns and a lot of romantic moments between Zoe and Jason - some that they had no idea how to handle not always realizing the chemistry between them.  There was nice closure that was unexpected and I look forward to returning to Harvest Cove many more times!

Castle is a fairly new to me author having read her first two books in the HARVEST COVE SERIES, FOR THE LONGEST TIME and EVERY LITTLE KISS.  I look forward to reading her other contemporary novels and more in this series. There was an excerpt from BOOK 4, COME ON CLOSER, which will be out in March 2016 and whet my appetite for more!

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