One Christmas Night

Author: Michelle Reid, Jane Porter, Susan Stephens

Publisher: Mills & Boon

Release Date: December 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Nina's marriage was over almost before it began.  After all, Sicilian billionaire Rafael Monteleone had first been in love with her beautiful Sicilian cousin, Marisia.  And now Marisia has been seen in his company in London.

Rafael wants nothing more than to see his beautiful, blond, half-English, half-Sicilian wife come alive again, to have her love him again.  He is very determined to fix his marriage, but Nina seems just as determined to let it fail.


Ellen Pelosi has made it her mission to ruin Ferre Design in general, and Tristano Ferre in particular. It seemed only fair since Tristano and his father stole Ferre & Pelosi from her father.  Her goal is almost in sight when she is suddenly arrested at the airport in Anguilla for piracy.  All Tristano's doing, of course!

Tristano knows that Ellen must learn the truth about the fall of Ferre & Pelosi, and about her father's role.  It is not what she thinks.  But to get her to listen, he must strip her of everything she holds dear-even if it means losing her.


Only two things in life matter to Lizzie Palmer:  her brother and her career as a lawyer.  When she learns that Hugo has been taken captive in Turkey by Kemal Volkan, Lizzie doesn't think twice about paying a personal visit to the ruthless billionaire.  With her legal background and grim determination, she will stop at nothing to gain her sibling's release by Christmas Day.

Gorgeous, sexy Kemal Volkan is used to be in control and having things go his way.  When fiery Lizzie storms into his home, he is at first amused, and then annoyed at her misconceptions about him.  But suddenly it seems important to show her how wrong she is as well as discover her secrets.

ONE CHRISTMAS NIGHT brings together three wonderful authors with three terrific stories that have Christmas as their theme.  Each novella is sassy, fun, and fast-paced.  Michelle Reid, Jane Porter, and Susan Stephens never fail to deliver a book that will keep you reading right up until the very last page.  Although this anthology was scheduled to be released in the United States in November 2005, it has been delayed.  But, it can easily be purchased through and is definitely worth it.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Brooke Wills

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