One Crazy Summer
By Jenn L
Dec 1, 2007 - 4:53:51 PM

Summer Donahue has always done what she could to support herself and her kid sister. She knows that she’s made some questionable decisions, but she never expected that her ex-husband would take off for parts unknown. Added to that, he’s her accountant and business partner. Summer, it seems, is in quite a mess.

Ben Martinez is straight-laced and the epitome of refinement and charm, so why does free-spirited Summer ignite his passions? When she breezes into his office looking for an accountant to do her taxes, he knows his attraction to her should have him turning her away, yet he can’t seem to ask her to leave. Striving to make sure his relationship stays firmly a business one, he finds himself falling for the energetic and entrancing Summer.

Soon the twosome find themselves on the hunt for Summer’s ex-husband. So much for keeping it strictly professional! Together, Ben and Summer embark on an adventure that will have them saving the business she loves and stumbling into a love neither of them expected.

ONE CRAZY SUMMER is a fun, exhilarating ride that guarantees you’ll be smiling in the end. Truly a tale of opposites attract, Ms. Matthews has created characters that are like night and day, yet you can’t help but cheer for them to be together. Ben’s life definitely needed a little shaking up and Summer is just the woman to do it.


Ms. Matthews has delivered a laugh out loud novel full of twists and turns and enough sexual heat to balance the tale perfectly. ONE CRAZY SUMMER is a sweet sexy read that will have you wanting to read it again and again.


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