One Day to Find a Husband
By Dottie
Jul 3, 2012 - 8:58:15 PM

Finn McKenna, the oldest of the three McKenna brothers, believes in the kind of luck brought about by good research and hard work. He does not care about what other people think of him or about breaking the rules. That is what had made him so successful. A few years ago, a magazine had dubbed him ‘The Hawk’ due to his business practices, which had made his company the largest architectural firm in New England. However, the subsequent betrayal of an ex-girlfriend, who stole his clients, smeared his reputation and broke his heart, had cost his company dearly, driving it almost into bankruptcy. It has also left him afraid to trust. But he considers his recent failure only a temporary situation and has a plan to rebuild his business. But to do it, he needs Ellie Winston.

Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Winston, interim CEO of WW Architectural Design, is the new boss of her father’s company since his retirement a couple weeks ago. She had thought the position was only temporary, but she just learned that her father’s heart attack had been so bad, he had been left with a diminished cardiac capacity. Too much stress and worry could prove fatal for him, so his return was doubtful. Now twenty-nine, she had spent three years in working in an Atlanta office after graduating with a master’s in design from a reputable college and is now in Boston. But, with most of her design in residential work, she is not happy to be designing hospitals and office buildings.

Finn had vowed never again to let his social life interfere with his business, although his social life no longer existed. To him, true love was just a fairy tale. Still he cannot deny his attraction to Ellie. At the end of an evening at a business cocktail party, Finn approaches Ellie, introducing himself and asking for a few moments to speak with her. At first reluctant, desiring to just go home; she declines. But there is something about him that makes her want to know him so she agrees to have tea with him. Although she had known it would be a business meeting, she is shocked when he offers to partner with her just for the hospital project her company had won. To further his business, he needs the prestige the partnership and the job would bring.


But running her father’s company and having a life did not go hand in hand. Nearly three years ago, she had gone to China for a conference. Getting lost, she had come upon a village that she fell in love with and had made the acquaintance of Sun. Afterwards, she had returned to the village every few months and even been present at the birth of Sun’s daughter. Sun had already lost her parents and her husband, but when she found she had stage-four cancer, she asked Ellie to raise her daughter as her own, once she was gone. Now she has a hospital to build and her oldest and most experienced architect has just quit. She had already had her doubts about being able to handle such a big commercial job, but now she has no architect on staff qualified for this big assignment.


When Finn made his proposal, Ellie had been insulted and walked out. But everything changes when her adoption coordinator lets her know that the only way she can adopt Jaio is to get married. It has been three months since Sun’s death and still the little girl waits in an orphanage.


Finn is shocked when Ellie appears at his office to make a counter offer to his proposal. She needs a husband, just until the adoption is legal, and he needs the prestige of the hospital project for his company and the partnership with her company. With the contract already drawn up, they agree to go ahead with the wedding. After all, it is only business and they are both getting what they want. Like the honey bird and the honey badger, Finn and Ellie depend on each other for something that will benefit both of them. But as each day passes, she begins to feel more like a swan, birds that mate for life - just like a ‘hawk.’ Can their marriage of convenience become a marriage in truth?


A tender tale, ONE DAY TO FIND A HUSBAND, the first book in talented author Shirley Jump’s new MCKENNA BROTHERS series, is a heartwarming contemporary romance that will touch your heart. Finn and Ellie are all business, both afraid to reach out and risk their hearts on the chance of finding the love they both crave. The idea of Jaio waiting for Ellie and compared to the dogs waiting in cages at the pound for someone to love them was enough to bring tears to my eyes. A wonderful story, filled with betrayal, heartache, risks, adoption, romance and a marriage of convenience that promises so much more, it is one you will think about long after the last page is read and the book is closed. I recommend ONE DAY TO FIND A HUSBAND to anyone looking for a terrific story and I look forward to reading the next story in this series, HOW THE PLAYBOY GOT SERIOUS due out in August.


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