One Dependable Man
By Scarlet
Feb 5, 2008 - 6:22:22 AM

Sunny Forester is the solid one, the dependable one, running Happy’s Homestyle Diner for her brother while he is off gambling his life away.   When he dies in an auto accident, Sunny naturally assumes the diner will pass to her.   She is in for a big surprise when Matt McBride steps through the door.   Bitter and disillusioned with the men in her life, Sunny is intrigued by the cowboy who seems to care about her.   He is hiding something from Sunny-- he is out to repay a debt owed to her brother, never realizing he is about to be caught by Sunny’s winning character.   The hard-working woman worms her way right into Matt’s heart and he into hers, but can they make it work with a secret waiting to blow up in Matt’s face?

Rita Thedford pens a charming domestic drama about real people with real problems.   Matt and Sunny have their share of flaws and internal struggles just like the rest of us.   They are warm and likable characters that appealed to me on a very emotional level.   The obstacles they overcome are realistically presented and give the reader hope for a happy resolution.   Quick paced, romantic, passionate, with plenty of snappy dialogue; ONE DEPENDABLE MAN has it all.   I look forward to the next installment.  


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