One Evening In Paris
By Michele Rioli
Nov 30, 2014 - 11:15:46 PM

The Cinema Paradis is a charming, vintage theater in Paris and is owned by Alain Bonnard, an intellectual, handsome fellow. He inherited the cinema from his late uncle. It is truly a treasured gift, which transforms Alain’s life. He only shows movies with undeniable class that transports viewers to days gone by. The clientele is different too, since no refreshments are sold here. On Wednesdays, Alain airs select movies and like clockwork, a certain elegant, coy lady in a red coat always attends. She sits in the same seat. One night Alain gets up the gumption to ask her out and she accepts. The evening is a magical one that is forever etched on Alain’s brain and he is totally smitten with her.

Life as Alain knows it is about to change spectacularly. A famous actress and movie director relish the idea of shooting a movie in his theater. Alain is speechless. Later, at dinner with them, he accepts the fantastic proposal. Life is a whirlwind and weirdly, Melanie, the woman in red, disappears. They agreed to a date again but she doesn’t show up. What’s up with that? Distressed and emotionally hurt, Alain embarks on a quest of sorts to find her. Shock, disbelief and surprises galore dog Alain’s every step. Where did Melanie vanish to?

Engaging, tender and heartbreakingly real, ONE EVENING IN PARIS whips up a fabulously romantic story filled with angst, humor, impulsiveness, sentiments and shocking surprises. Romance whispers in the wind but just like a candle is snuffed out, one man’s search for love among the rainy streets of Paris ends in disillusionment when the woman of his dreams is not to be found. Where did Melanie, the lady in the red coat, go? A famous actress and film director suddenly appear in Alain Bonnard’s world and they take over his cherished theater, transforming the place into a movie set. Cleverly, the author probes the world of fame and the problems associated with it. Being suddenly thrust into the spotlight is never easy, especially when the media will grasp at any opportunity to snap a picture or two. That’s what happens to Alain as his world is turned inside out. I especially loved how the author, Nicolas Barreau, zealously punched disturbing upheavals into the story, which includes a missing woman, being thrust into the limelight and true-to-life characters with relationship issues. Simply brilliant! Fraught with emotional landmines and personable comedic asides, ONE EVENING IN PARIS is heartwarming, dreamy and precocious. Just like a bonbon confection!

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