One Fine Fireman
By Dottie
Nov 27, 2012 - 6:01:56 PM

Waitress Maribel Boone might be engaged, but she was not dead. She could not deny how gorgeous the firemen of San Gabriel were…one in particular. For months she had been afraid she would not see Kirk again. Seeing him now, she could not help sneaking glances at him. Other than looking tired, he seemed the same as the last time she had seen him. With the looks of a Viking god, she could see why the others had dubbed him Thor. Her nine-year-old son idolized the firemen. Maribel was shocked that after six years of stringing her along, her fiancé, Duncan, was finally setting a date. However, she had mixed feelings about it and her son Pete was completely against it. While sulking to himself, Pete heard a noise and saw a dog, which he befriended and named Hagrid.

Although the firemen of San Gabriel were all hunky, gorgeous men, they all seemed to have a problem in the romance department. This may have been due to the rumored curse of that fire station. A man of few words, Kirk always seemed to get tongue-tied anytime he was around Maribel. He dreamt about her, even speaking her name in his sleep.But, as much as it devastated him, he knew she was engaged. His refusal to tell her about his feelings had nothing to do with her engagement, although her fiancé rarely made an appearance. A cancer survivor, Kirk considered himself damaged goods and there was no way he was bringing his trauma into her life. He was planning to leave San Gabriel for Alaska, so he needed to sell his motorcycle. He has been doing the maintenance on his Harley himself. But it was either open his own garage or take it to Gonzalez, who owned a shop, to get a tune-up on the bike before listing it for sale. However, when he arrived at Gonzalez’ shop, it was vacant. Due to his cancer, he needed to stay out of the sun. So the shop, with its small windows, offered an ideal place to work on his bike. Hearing a noise, he saw a half-starved dog that was quickly followed by a young boy he recognized as Maribel’s son, who is not allowed to have a dog of his own due to his mother’s allergy to dogs.

As he spends time with Pete, Kirk struggles to keep a rein on his desire for his mother, who seems to be around him more now. Unbeknownst to him, she also has a crush on him, but due to her engagement and her shyness, she has not acted on it. With Kirk’s impending move to Alaska, where the sun’s rays are not as dangerous to his skin, there is not much time left for them. But then an arson fire, her son and his dog just may bring home some truths to both of them. Will she remain with her clueless fiancé, or will she give her feelings for Kirk a chance?

A fun, sexy novella, ONE FINE FIREMAN, the latest story by talented author Jennifer Bernard, is the clever, passionate prequel to her FIREMEN OF SAN GABRIEL series. I really enjoyed this story and could not wait for her to dump her idiotic fiancé, who did not deserve her. Ms. Bernard puts real feeling into her story, allowing readers to empathize with her characters and bringing the story to life. Packed with humor, hunky firemen, a curse, cancer, arson, an interesting plot, witty repartee, romance and true love, this story is a delight. As a fan of Ms. Bernard’s work, I have read all of the stories in this captivating series and cannot wait for the release of her next one. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of ONE FINE FIREMAN. I highly recommend it!

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