One Foot Forward
By Briana Burress
Jun 10, 2006 - 7:33:00 PM

Molly Keating had a very good chance in the upcoming Olympics as a distance runner.  But, her fate was abruptly changed one early morning at the hands of a drunk driver.

Now, for the first time in two years, Molly has gathered the courage to thank the man responsible for her survival, Mick Knight.  The fireman refused to leave her side for the entire three hours it took to release her from the pinned-in collision between two vehicles. She has no doubt his tender encouragement was responsible for her surviving the devastating ordeal. 


To pay Mick back, Molly becomes the high bidder for a date with him at a charity auction.  She finds him to be a very charming and forthright man.  Molly is stunned to learn that he has thought of little else but her for the past two years.  Fears of her impairment are erased quickly as Molly gives into the warmth of Mick's love-making.  As their relationship grows into more than just physical, she once again finds herself alone when Mick suddenly breaks things off.  Puzzled, Molly decides to get to the root of his insecurities.  Is her love strong enough to break down the barriers between them before fate decides to once again interfere? 


ONE FOOT FORWARD is an extremely stimulating and heart-searching story.  Molly and Mick's fight for love continually brought tears of both joy and anger to my heart.  You can't help but feel the courage and strength these two gained from their adversities and insecurities.  Rose Middleton's proof that the bond of love can conquer all fears and doubts has earned her a well-deserved 5 Blue Ribbon Rating. 

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