One For My Baby
By Valerie Pryor
Apr 7, 2004 - 8:20:00 AM

Alfie Budd's life has unraveled.  His reason for living dies in a tragic accident and Alfie is left trying to find something to make life worthwhile.  Unfortunately, when Alfie returns home to London from Hong Kong his life continues to crumble around him.  His father selfishly destroys his own seemingly happy marriage during a midlife crisis, his beloved grandmother is diagnosed with a terminal illness, and ambitions for his own career are frustrated.  Reeling and inconsolable Alfie embarks upon a series of numbing affairs with students he teaches at Churchill's Language School.  

For a person who firmly believes that true love only happens once and that his chance is over Alfie must rebuild his heart and give love a second chance.  Two people help him learn to love again.  George, an old Chinese man surrounded by a strong, loving family teaches him more than Tai Chi and that true serenity comes from within.  Jackie Day, a single mother who needs Alfie's help in completing her education so she can have a second chance at her dream, teaches him that there is beauty to genuine connection.


One For My Baby is a heart-rending tale of learning to live through grief.  Using laughter and tears Tony Parsons captures the naked emotions of a person dealing with the loss of a loved one and learning to love again.

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