One Glass Slipper

Author: Kelle Z. Riley

Publisher: Echelon Press

Release Date: June 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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classic fairy tale updated to modern times, Cathy, a new single mother to her late sister’s daughter, finds herself falling, literally, for shoe clerk and co-worker Marc Bryer. Of course what Cathy doesn't know is that Marc is really Marcus Winston Brandenburg IV, heir to the Brandenburg fortune and son to the man who founded the department store she works for.

The novella, One Glass Slipper, takes the traditional Cinderella tale and charmingly brings it up to date with all the beloved cast members of the original.  As a personal shopper at the Chicago based store Brandenburg’s, Cathy is a modern day Cinderella.  A down to earth, hard working single girl, she is struggling with becoming a mom to her orphaned niece Allie and deal with a wicked co-worker all the while finding herself falling for a Prince Charming who is masquerading as a lowly shoe clerk. Marcus Winston Brandenburg IV  chooses to go by Marc Bryer as he learns his new position as President of Brandenburg’s Department Store from the ground up and on his first day he rescues Cathy in a very cute scene involving her shoes.  Afterwards Cathy’s luck continues as she lands a big account working for no other than Marc’s grandmother who is planning a huge party to announce the promotion of grandson to President of the department store.


Evil forces conspire to keep our lovers apart but Marc’s grandmother turns out to be Cathy’s fairy godmother matchmaker who makes sure Cathy gets to the ball in grand style and in time to share a magical dance with her Prince.  But it still takes our hero’s own love for this lady to make her believe in happily ever after.  Kelle Z. Riley offers a sweet romance that touches the heart with her simple story of falling in love and never giving up on your dreams. My only complaint? Not long enough. I would have loved to seen this terrific story in a much longer format so we could have enjoyed more moments with this interesting cast of characters and this enchanting twist on a classic plot.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Christyne B

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