One Hot Cowboy Wedding
By Dottie
Apr 25, 2012 - 10:18:37 PM

After his grandfather died, Ace inherited his ranch, just as he had anticipated. He had been the only one of the grandchildren born on the Double Deuce ranch, which is how he got his name. This had made Ace his grandfather’s favorite grandchild. However, Ace had not read the will all that closely. Now almost two years after his grandfather’s death, the old lawyer handling the case has died and been replaced by his nephew. So when the nephew calls Ace, asking about his current circumstances, Ace is horrified to discover that the will stipulated that he must wed within two years of his grandfather’s passing. This only leaves Ace one week to get married or the ranch will revert over to his cousin, Cole. The will also stipulates that he must remain married for a year. Known as a player, Ace sports a barbed wire tattoo on his arm, declaring that no woman will ever get near his heart.

Jasmine King, who owns the Chicken Fried Café, met Ace after purchasing the café, since he is a regular customer. Before long, they became best friends. So when Ace came in upset and told her his problem, she offered to marry him. Since her breakup, she hasn’t been dating so she has no problem with offering her help.

Jasmine and Ace had figured they would arrive in Las Vegas separately, meet up and get married. It would be their secret. After all, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. When they returned home, they could resume their lives and in a year, they could quietly divorce and no one would be the wiser. Although they had noticed that the chapel was full of people taking pictures of their wedding, they had no idea that they were the five thousandth couple to get married there. The prizes include a free wedding service, a limo for the rest of the evening with champagne and the honeymoon suite at the Bellagio while dinner would be served in their room.

For some reason, Jasmine could feel sizzling hot desire for her best friend ever since that at the wedding chapel, sealing their marriage. She had counted on the fact that once the terms of the will had been fulfilled they would divorce and no feelings, except those as best friends, would be involved. That had been the plan…until, while eating their dinner and watching television, they saw the pictures of their wedding on the screen, announcing them as the five thousandth couple to be wed at the chapel. Moments later, their phones started ringing. Being forced to live together and act like a normal newly-wed couple had not been in their plans. Will she be able to walk away after a year is up, or can she possibly have a happy ever after with her good timing man?

Sizzling hot and absolutely delectable, ONE HOT COWBOY WEDDING, the fourth novel in N.Y. Times and USA Today bestselling author Carolyn Brown’s SPIKES AND SPURS series, is a sensual and witty contemporary romance that will have you turning up the air conditioning within moments of reading this story. I loved it! Ace and Jasmine is a perfect match. As they deal with their mommas’ longings for a ‘real’ wedding, their passion nearly sets the pages on fire and their banter will have you laughing out loud. This is the first Carolyn Brown novel that I have read, but it will not be my last.  Brimming with humor, a sweet talking cowboy, a feisty city girl, steamy passion, romance and loads of love, this story is a fun read, which will leave you longing for an Ace of your own. A definite keeper! I look forward to the next Carolyn Brown novel, but, in the meantime, do not miss picking up your own copy of ONE HOT COWBOY WEDDING! You won’t regret it!

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