One Hot Summer
By Jenn L
Oct 8, 2007 - 8:39:51 AM

Summer Burgundy can’t deny that Professor Marcus Welks is hot, but he is also cocky, conceited and thinks he knows it all. She is finally free from school and the conflicting emotions her professor evokes in her. When she and her roommate decide that they deserve a reward for all their hard work, they make a pact to each fulfill their deepest fantasy. Unfortunately for Summer, she got more than she ever expected.

Professor Marcus Welks can’t deny that Summer is what he looks for in a woman. She’s beautiful, smart and submissive, even if she doesn’t realize it herself. Imagine his surprise when Summer breezes into the club he frequents as his submissive appointment for the night. He thinks things are looking up, he just never expected her to run away from him.


Now as Marcus and Summer’s lives intersect yet again, will they be able to deny the attraction they feel, or will they embark on a summer so hot it might burn for all time?


Ms. Sparks delivers a hot and steamy romance with enough heat to spark a fire. Marcus and Summer butt heads throughout ONE HOT SUMMER, proving that submission doesn’t have to exist outside the bedroom. Summer is portrayed in a positive light as an individual and that makes her submission that more believable.


Ms. Sparks’ characters are well-rounded and real both in action and emotion. ONE HOT SUMMER is a perfectly balanced tale of love, lust and desire that is true to life. If you’re looking for a steamy read that pushes the boundaries of sexuality, this one is for you.

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