White Tails, Texas, Book 3 - One Hot Texas Night
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 15, 2009 - 3:15:42 PM

Tate Donovan believed that he would become to sole owner of The Yellow Rose after his father passed away.  The last thing he expects is to have to share part of the ranch with Abby Culhane, King’s stepdaughter.  Tate and Abby have never had a very good relationship and he hasn’t seen her since her mother left King and White Tail, Texas ten years ago.

Abby had never expected to own any part of The Yellow Rose or to even return to White Tail.  She’s built a life for herself in New York with a career and boyfriend so returning to this tiny town isn’t exactly a pleasure for her.  Tate made her life miserable during the time she lived here before.  Now it looks like turnabout is fair play. He wants the whole ranch free and clear and Abby has no intention of giving into his strong arm tactics.


With the entire town of White Tail cheering them on and picking sides, Tate and Abby engage in a battle of wills over her inheritance.  Abby wasn’t even aware that she loved this area so much or that the ranch meant so much to her until she returned.  She intends to turn the house she inherited into a bed and breakfast and Tate is definitely seeing red over what he perceives as a slap in the face.  Not many people have the guts to go up against Tate but Abby won’t allow him to intimidate her or push her around and that’s a great source of entertainment for the good folks lucky enough to witness one of their battles. 


Abby’s decision to remain in White Tail is a bit of a problem for her boyfriend who also happens to be Sam Forrester, the vice president and son of the owner of the large hotel chain where she works.  There’s never been any promises between them and he’s become demanding and proprietary and she finds his behavior offensive.  He’ll have to be handled eventually but Abby puts him off when he calls by telling him that she needs more time before she returns to New York.  She’s not ready to let him know about the huge turn her life is about to take all because of a generous inheritance.


There’s also the little issue of her long buried feelings for Tate.  Oh sure they’re at war now but as a teenager Abby had a huge crush on Tate.  What she doesn’t realize is Tate felt the same way about her only the huge difference between their ages was a strong deterrent – not to mention the fact that his dad was married to her mom.  Now they’re both all grown up and still behaving like children.  Will they be able to bury their past transgressions and admit to the love and desire they’ve always shared for each other?


Judith Rochelle has successfully created a niche for herself in the romance community over the years and ONE HOT TEXAS NIGHT is a prime example of why readers can’t get enough of her storylines.  Abby and Tate squabble like little kids but underneath all their aggression and bickering is a lingering attraction that they’re fought hard to deny.  Of course, it’s obvious that they belong together and you get the feeling that’s what King intended when he drew up his will the way he did. This story is poignantly sweet and entertaining with plenty of tension, small town dynamics, lots of love and even a little suspense that is guaranteed to keep you reading.


ONE HOT TEXAS NIGHT is the third book in Judith Rochelle’s WHITE TAIL, TEXAS series.  This book can be read as a stand-alone but honestly I got such a kick out of this town and the people that I’ll be picking up copies of the other titles to add to my TBR pile.

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