One More Time
By Dorine Linnen
Sep 16, 2006 - 3:03:00 PM

Matt and Leslie Coxwell’s married life has stagnated.  When Matt follows his own convictions instead of what's best for his career, Leslie discovers she doesn’t really know her husband.  Matt thinks Leslie will understand his need to do what he believes is right.

Leslie's disappointment in Matt makes him seek out the only woman he thinks will give him the emotional support he needs.  A tragic event manipulated by his father, who is also disappointed in Matt's actions, sets him into an emotional tailspin.  Running away from his family into the arms of a woman from his past, seems to be the only answer.


Leslie realizes life without Matt produces obstacles she's not used to facing alone.  Her obstinate teenage daughter is one such dilemma, not to mention her mother-in-law who has suddenly moved in with them.  Had Leslie really been so self-absorbed in her own career that she didn't see her husband changing?  Does Matt really believe that running away will make him happy?


Leslie isn't quite ready to give up just yet.  She has her own way of coping – a lingerie collection that's sure to bolster her self confidence.  That mixed with a sense of humor adds to her ability to find out who she really is inside, and Matt is about to discover he doesn't really know his wife either.


ONE MORE TIME is about second chances.  Throw in a precocious teenager, a mother-in-law with her own set of problems including inherited poodles, colleagues who are just a tad over the edge, and you're in for some laughter mixed with tears.


What I loved most about ONE MORE TIME was Leslie's personal growth from a stoic history professor to a fun loving mother who embraces life's challenges with laughter.  I wonder if you'll see a bit of Claire Delacroix, Claire Cross' historical pseudonym in this book as I did.  The Claire Cross style is always comedically edgy, with characters you'll love for their charming realism.

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