One Night...Nine Month Scandal
By Dottie Jones
Oct 3, 2010 - 7:55:23 AM

Kelly, a grade school teacher, met Alekos when she was on vacation in Greece.  She fell in love with him and he proposed to her, giving her the Zagorikis diamond ring.  But on the day of their wedding, she stood at the altar alone.  Alekos never showed up.  For the past four years, she has worn the ring on a chain around her neck, even when she went to bed at night.  But seeing a picture of Alekos in the newspapers with a skinny blonde in what seemed to be a serious relationship, Kelly knew she had to move on with her life.  The first step was to sell the ring, so she placed it on Ebay, and the bid was already up to one million dollars.

Alekos had never met a woman like Kelly.  She affected him like no other woman ever had.  He had planned to marry her, but discovering just before the wedding that she planned to have four children had scared him off.  He had started dating Marianne, who was in a picture with him in the papers.  But she was not interested in marriage, which he greatly appreciated.  All he wanted was a no-strings relationship.  His childhood had not been the best, so he had no plans to put that on another child, making the decision not to father any children.


Alekos had been busy in his office when his lawyer, Dmitri, ran in, demanding he get Ebay on his computer.  When he saw that Kelly had placed the engagement ring he had given her online to be sold, he was shocked and angry.  Getting Eleni, the youngest PA on his team, to use her Ebay account, to bid on the ring, he placed a bid of two million dollars.  Then, fearing someone would outbid him in the last minute of the auction, he increased the bid to four million.  Once he won the ring, he decided to pick it up in person.  He went to the school where Kelly taught to speak to her, but circumstances did not allow them any privacy.  Taking her home, the memories began to resurface for both of them and before long, they were having the hottest sex ever in her kitchen.  Although she knew she would regret it later, she could not stop.  Afterwards, remembering that she still wore the ring around her neck and hoping he had not seen it, she ran to her bedroom, presumably to get the ring for him.  Hearing a noise in the hallway, she wiped away the tears and started back down the steps.  She saw that the front door was open, and the next thing she heard was his Ferrari roaring away, yet she still had the ring.


Three weeks later, Kelly discovers she is pregnant.  However, she does not count on his desire for her. He wants her to wear the ring, and he wants back in her life.  But he does not yet know that she is pregnant.  How is she going to break the news to Alekos?


Sensationally sensuous, ONE NIGHT…NINE-MONTH SCANDAL is a delightfully witty and sizzling hot contemporary romance.  I absolutely loved it!  The sex scenes are so hot, it is a wonder that the pages do not go up in flames.  Kelly and Alekos are extremely compatible in bed, but the one problem they have is communication.  Kelly’s best friend, Vivien, adds additional humor and appeal to the story.  Wonderfully enriched with an interesting plot, believable, well-drawn characters, witty repartee, sizzling love scenes and plenty of romance, this book is a real pleasure.  This is the first story I have read by this very talented author, Sarah Morgan, but it will not be my last.  For a wonderful book to while away the afternoon, letting you forget your own cares, ONE NIGHT…NINE-MONTH SCANDAL is a great choice.  Be sure to get your own copy.  You won’t regret it!


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