One Night With You
By Angel
Aug 23, 2007 - 8:01:50 AM

Bo had fallen head over hills with Logan as a girl, but he moved a little too fast and proved that maybe she wasn’t woman enough for him.   Bo did the only thing she could do, she left town.   Years later she comes back home, but Logan treats her with distant kindness.   Believing he has moved on, Bo starts seeing someone else and when that man proposes she accepts.   All of a sudden Logan’s attitude has changed and he is not going to let anyone else be her husband but him.

Logan has wanted Bo since they were teenagers and while they were still young decided to make his move.   In actuality he scared Bo out of her wits and she got as far away from him as possible.   When she came back home years later, Bo decided to take his time and prove how much he loved Bo, however, it backfired and now she is set to walk down the aisle with his best friend.   Logan can’t stand by and let the woman of his dreams marry another man.


ONE NIGHT WITH YOU is a great read with plenty of drama to keep you turning the pages.   Logan is strong and has a sexy determination that will curl your toes.   Bo is our confused heroine and totally torn between her intended bridegroom and the man she has always loved.   The love scenes are heated in the most delicious ways and Logan and Bo really knows how to create some serious steam.  The host of friends and townspeople that are around every corner accents the plot.   Shiloh Walker has done it again with this complicated contemporary tale that readers are sure to enjoy.

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