One Night in Boston
By jhayboy
Oct 2, 2008 - 6:09:45 AM

Maggie has not had an easy life. She has loved and lost and, with lots of regrets, feels as if she has come out stronger on the other side of life. When parental responsibilities and life changes catch up with her, she draws on memories from her past – both the good and the bad, and goes looking for the one chance she thinks she has left to help her.

Jack Major, from a good family, best of education, and with more regret than you can shake a stick at, has made a name for himself. Even though he’s got a good thing in the bag with his career and a beautiful fiancé, he finds it impossible to feel committed to the big day. When he sees the one person he can’t forgive or forget; he sets out to get answers and have his say. It's been ten years; his say can’t really make a difference.  Or can it?


ONE NIGHT IN BOSTON is a story where dreams, hopes, regret and forgiveness all meet on one rainy night in Boston.


A thrilling read with characters and a plot that is so real, it feels spooky. The story revolves around two central characters, Maggie and Jack, and the loss they have experienced and the chance they missed. While the experience has played a part in making them the people they are today, it has also made them bitter and reluctant to try love again. The supporting cast is integral in the build up to that one night where everything seems surreal. Ms Boniface has etched out the best and worst of life before the infamous night in Boston, with you hoping with all your heart for the best outcome for all involved.


People and feelings will be and are hurt, but with gentle let downs and quiet determination, ONE NIGHT IN BOSTON just might be the one night they have prepared their whole lives for.  

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