One Night in His Bed
By Amelia
May 15, 2008 - 8:28:52 PM

Sienna lives under the watchful eyes of her stepmother after just losing her husband. She was never in love with him. Her marriage was set-up by her stepmother because he was wealthy. Now her stepmother has another prosperous man ready to take his place and again Sienna does not feel that special love for him. 

One day at the market place, Sienna has set up her table to sell homemade items for the Piccia Co-operative when she meets a sexy stranger named Garrett. Garrett Lazlo eyes the beautiful Sienna across the market and determinedly makes his way over to her stall. While chatting with her, his sparkling charisma invokes a strange awakening inside her.  She summons up the courage to take a big leap by going outside of the box and accepting an invitation from him to dinner to act as interpreter.  She needs to be careful though about showing interest in him, because it will cause gossip in the market.


The night of the dinner, the rest of his party does not show and Sienna retreats into her shell, with concern.  She worries about what her stepmother and strangers will think about her dining alone with a single man so soon after losing her husband. She leaves his place that night with worries about the future.


Garrett tries to forget the timid, mysterious Sienna, but she stays in his mind.  He discovers that she is his neighbor and that she has grave financial problems.  He comes up with an idea to help Sienna. He can help restore her house and solve her financial problems in return for a favor from her. The favor includes a hot, scorching session in his bed. Oh how he would love to set the sheets on fire with sexy Sienna.


Will Sienna accept Garrett's proposition?  If she does accept his proposal what does the future hold for both of them? Will she be free from the promise she made to her father to take care of her stepmother? 


ONE NIGHT IN HIS BED is an excellent read for those lonely days and nights.  Christina writes not only an engaging novel, she packs it with a fiery passion that leaves you satisfied.  Not only do you watch Sienna lose her timid mouse personality, but you also see her transform into a woman who is not afraid to live life.  She realizes that she can have a future and her dreams can turn into reality.  Garrett is a man who fills his days with work but irresistible Sienna sneaks into his thoughts. He is a very sexy, seductive man who thinks of women as butterflies, a beautiful diversion. Nevertheless, he senses that Sienna is special and is determined not to let her flit out of his life. He skillfully seduces Sienna into his waiting arms hoping she will change her mind. I was blown away by the sizzling hot passion that was leaping from the pages when they were in each other’s arms.


This is a must read book! Christina Hollis is on her way to being one of the shining stars in romance!  This intriguing, sexy novel is one to treasure! I encourage everyone to run out and buy a copy!


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