One Night of Paradise
By Sarah W
Oct 2, 2006 - 10:21:00 AM

Carol Haley is on a mission to seduce the sinful Detective Liam Taggert. She’s decked out in a sexy dress she would never normally wear; she’s got highlights in her hair and she’s feeling sexy. Her mission is complete when Tagg steps into the bar. Making the first move, she buys him a beer and lures him to her side.

Tagg is definitely smitten by the gorgeous blonde giving him shy looks and smoldering glances. He hasn’t had much contact with women since his divorce, but something about the blonde makes him sit up and take notice. She wants a one night stand, and Tagg thinks he wants the same. But before he quite realizes how it happened, his emotions are involved. The sex is sizzling and the laughter flows, but can Tagg convince Carol to offer up more than just a one night stand?


ONE NIGHT OF PARADISE is a sizzling love story. The chemistry is off the charts between Tagg and Carol. Ms. Keaton has done a phenomenal job of showing their growing relationship in a short amount of time. I really felt like these characters connected in a powerful way besides through intimacy. Carol is very insecure but Tagg does an excellent job of showing her just why he is falling for her. Tagg never expected to fall for her so fast, but he’s not holding back. His sex appeal, his kindness and caring towards his son and his devotion to his job all make him the kind of guy any woman would be proud to call her own. ONE NIGHT OF PARADISE will envelope you in a sensual spell and leave you wanting more. I hope Ms. Keaton plans to explore more characters from Cooper Valley.

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