One Night of Pleasure

Author: Lynn LaFluer

Publisher: Ellora?s Cave

Release Date: December 29, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Jason spies her across the room and doesn?t even attempt to hide the fact that he?s looking her over.  The more he looks at her body, the more worked up he becomes.  She?s exactly what he wants, all night long.

Gail knows he?s watching her.  Her friends keep egging her to go talk to him.  She decides to go get a re-fill on her wine.  They introduce themselves and he asks if she?d like to go outside where it?s quieter and, hopefully, a little cooler.


When they get out on the patio, there is a couple just nearby making out in the bushes.  Jason leads her out onto the grounds and they find a seat at a table.  Everywhere they go the couple seems to go.


At one point they hear noises and go investigate.  The couple is out in the open making love.  Jason and Gail watch them and head to the pool house to do their thing. 


He asks her if she?d like to go home with him.  She agrees.  Mixed in with the lovemaking they tell one another about their break-up with their last lovers.  They wake up together the next morning realizing that they may want something more than just ONE NIGHT OF PLEASURE. 


At this point, Lynn LaFluer takes the story into a whole new realm.  The lesson learned here is that it?s never to late to change the wrongs in your lives and make them right.  You?ve come to know and love these two individuals.  You hurt for them when they talk about their recent break-ups.  You laugh with them when they discover they want more and are willing to work at a permanent relationship with the right person.  Are these two right for one another?  Could they make a go of a budding relationship?  This is one you have to read.  It helps to restore your faith in people and their willingness to work for something worthwhile and to be willing to compromise to make it work.  This one is for the re-read shelf, too.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nickie Langdon

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