One Step Over the Border

Author: Stephen Bly

Publisher: Center Street

Release Date: June 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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A mutual friend suggested Hap Bowman and Laramie Majors meet up and discuss roping together at the rodeo. Their initial meeting began with a flying toilet lid and a jealous husband and ended with slashed tires and a newfound partnership. A decade later the two cowboys are traveling the Rio Grande working odd jobs and rodeos while spending their final summer looking for Hap’s long lost love Juanita. He met and fell in love with her one afternoon when he was twelve and has spent the past nineteen years working his way through all the Juanita’s he can find, hoping to find “his” Juanita. Hap has promised that if he doesn’t find her this summer, he’s done looking.


While running down leads on Juanita’s, Hap and Laramie seem to find trouble everywhere they turn. Involvement with barroom brawls, cattle thieves and pot farmers are all in a days work and capably handled with the cowboy’s innate wit and charm. The one thing neither seems to have luck with is finding a good woman. But a smart and pretty Texas nurse might just change that for Laramie, and with Hap closing in on his Juanita, the summer is getting pretty interesting.


Hap and Laramie’s adventures will provide readers with plenty of one liners and unbelievably funny undertakings. The cowboy’s are characterized with a dry humor and solid sense of honor and loyalty.   In short, they are what come to mind with the word ‘cowboy’. Author Stephen Bly has penned a great novel, one where you can kick back and relax and prepare to be amusingly entertained. Readers are also invited to join in the search for Juanita at .

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Leigh

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