One Sweet Ride
By Sarah W
Jun 9, 2013 - 2:45:21 PM

Grayson Preston is a seasoned, professional race car driver. He knows his way around a track like the back of his hand but when it comes to family obligations, he always turns a blind eye. When Evelyn Hill approaches Gray about using his race track clout to aid his father’s vice-presidential campaign, Gray has no problem saying no. However, when his mother takes a stand and asks Gray to participate, he cannot turn her down. An uneasy truce forms between Gray and Evelyn as she starts to follow him around on the circuit, working the media angle to introduce Gray and his father to Gray’s fans.

The more time they spend together in close quarters, the harder it is to resist the attraction that has been blooming between them from the start. But Evelyn is involved in politics, an institution that Gray has resisted most of his life. He spends time traveling the country ten months of the year, racing on dangerous tracks and spending more time on the road than in any one location. It does not seem like a future is likely for this pair.

ONE SWEET RIDE is the newest (and steamiest) book in Jaci Burton’s PLAY-BY-PLAY series. Gray and Evelyn truly have a combustible chemistry that makes this story come alive. They are coming from two very different worlds but I liked that each of them was open to exploring and getting to know what made their respective interests fascinating and important. Gray definitely is not a political man but he cannot help but admire Evelyn’s political acumen. Evelyn is in awe of Gray’s racing knowledge and the danger he puts himself in. He is a smart man who is building a successful racing team and he will not cave to pressure easily. These two are different but they steady each other nicely. ONE SWEET RIDE lives up to the sexiness readers have come to expect in the PLAY-BY-PLAY series. Jaci Burton does not shy away from physical intimacy but it is balanced with the growing emotional intimacy these two have. ONE SWEET RIDE is one amazing spin around the track!

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