One Touch
By Phyllis Ingram
Nov 1, 2004 - 2:29:00 PM

Cassandra Grant is best friends with
Rachel and Elizabeth , and now that Lizzy is going to marry Rob , Lizzy demanded Rach and Cass be her bridesmaids.  Cass is looking for ways to get out of it, as Cass does not want to see Lizzy's brother, Jake again. Cass drove Jake home one night five years ago, because he was drunk, and they did the wild thing. Jake ended up marrying his high school sweetheart Sandy , but their marriage did not last.

Rach knows about the crush Cass had on Jake and was sworn to secrecy. Rach and Cass did not want to burden Lizzy with the fact that Cass slept with Jake Cass thought Lizzy did not know, but Lizzy now shows Cass a necklace with the initials CG on it and questions, is Chloe her niece by blood, not by heart?

Cassie , of course, sees Jake at the wedding and she still had strong feelings for him.  She makes it through the wedding but leaves really soon without giving Jake her address or phone number.  He looks for her for quite a while with no success. 

Jake is now the owner of Rowling Constructions but did not change the name of the company because it had a good name and a strong customer base.  Cassie had damage in her bedroom from a storm and calls around for estimates to get the work done. She calls Rowling Construction not knowing that Jake is the owner.  What a stroke of luck for Jake . Jake makes sure he is the one to get the contract by cutting the costs down to the absolute minimum.  Jake knows Cassie has a daughter and wonders if Cassie' s daughter looks like her or the father.

ONE TOUCH made me laugh and it made me really cry. This is also quite sensual. Susie Charles can write a new telephone book and I will be happy to read it because she brings out so many feelings in me. This is the second book by Susie Charles that I have had the honor of reading. I also reviewed WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT and was quite impressed.  Susie , I need my fix.  Write faster.  I'm telling you, buy this; you won't be disappointed.  

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