One True Love?
By Teresa Henson
Sep 24, 2003 - 4:18:00 AM

Corinne Weatherby comes from a family a famous actors, excluding herself, that is— at least on screen or stage! Despite being a financial controller, the actress in her comes into play in all aspects of her life. She has a script for everything. Even for breaking up with Brendan, her one true love.

Brendan is a hopeless womanizer. He can’t seem to help himself, he wants them all, but he wants Corinne too. Corinne wants a commitment from him, and wants him to give up all other women and be faithful to her. So, enter Corinne and her break up scene—only Brendan doesn’t follow the script.


Taking a two week vacation and going to an island paradise alone is not the fun Corinne thinks it would be. All that is there are honeymoon couples that only have eyes for each other. That is until Matthew Relic shows up.


Matthew works in the same office as Corinne and Brendan. He has loved Corinne from a distance for a long time. Overhearing Corinne do her breakup scene with Brendan, he decides to take a vacation of his own and follow her. He is bound and determined to convince her that she has chosen the wrong man for her one true love. What follows is a hilarious series of events including hangovers, sunburns and stuck elevators! Corinne’s scripts and Matthew’s plans are not quite working the way either think they should. Will Corinne change her mind about one true love?


Laughing at the antics of Corinne and Matthew, ONE TRUE LOVE, was an extremely fun and humorous book! Not only did she keep me chuckling the entire time, she reminds you that what you think you might want, is not necessarily what you find you really want. Ms. Doyle’s launch in the new Harlequin’s flipside books is one for her to be proud of. I’ll definitely be watching for more works from her in the future!

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