One Week Stand
By Contessa
Oct 2, 2006 - 5:03:00 PM

Jasmine Martin wished she could say “No” to her best friend Kim.  But, Jasmine didn’t have the heart to do it, especially not with Kim’s wedding just a week away.  While in town for the big event, Kim wants Jasmine to spend some quality time with her nerdy doctor cousin, Evan.  Reluctantly, Jasmine agrees to do it because as the maid-of-honor, it is her job to support the bride in anyway possible.  When, Kim introduces her geeky cousin, Jasmine wanted the floor to open up and swallow her whole.  Just six months ago while in Vegas for a conference, Jasmine had a heated one night stand with this very same doctor!

Evan Harris has dreamed and yearned for the woman that he shared a passionate night with in Vegas.  He was totally unprepared, yet very excited, to learn that his Jasmine and his cousin’s best friend, Jasmine, was the same person. 


Unable to deny their passion for one another, Jasmine and Evan spend every possible moment in each other arms.  Their once one night stand turns into a sizzling week long fling.  Not about to allow the best thing that ever happened in his life slip through his fingers again, Evan sets out to try to convince Jasmine they deserve that a ONE WEEK STAND affair.


Talk about smoking hot!  Lyric James’ ONE WEEK STAND is highly arousing and very amusing.  I was in a constant state of passionate desire from start to finish.  Picture coming face-to-face with the person that you shared a one night stand with – the one person who you thought you would never see again.  As you can imagine, sparks flew and it was very intense in more ways than one.  The attraction that brought Jasmine and Evan together in the first place, was still there and the chemistry between them refused to be denied.  Throw in an unbeknownst friend/cousin who was determined to unite them as a couple which only added more fuel to the blazing fire. You will be both laughing and panting to catch your breath as you work your way through this breathtaking story.  I took great pleasure in reading this astounding tale.  Ms. James is fast becoming one of my favorite authors!

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