Only By Your Touch
By Trish Lasha
Jun 13, 2003 - 11:49:00 AM

Teeming with charm, humor, romance, and mystery, Catherine Anderson brings us another story to treasure.  Set in the rustic country town of Jack Pine, Oregon, comes a story that will touch your heart and spirit!

Chloe Evans, and her son Jeremy, have moved to Jack Pine to have a new start from a troubling and emotional past.  Determined to give her son the kind of life any child would love to have, she decides on Jack Pine, for its picturesque quality, and charm, and also she decides to get Jeremy a puppy.  Rowdy, the puppy, turns out to have a virus that few people take notice of, Parvovirus.  And it seems Chloe's only help for the new puppy will be to take it to Ben Longtree.
Ben Longtree is definitely not what Chloe needs right now, she is trying to create a new start for her and her son, not meaning to fall in love with someone, who is the local vet, and who is also ostracized from the townspeople.  Many secrets swirl around Ben, but Chloe is drawn needlessly by his gentle nature towards Jeremy, and all animals, wild or domesticated.  But Ben is worried that once Chloe sees him for who he really is, that she will bolt, he does not want this to happen, again, for he is already falling in love with her.
Can these two strong, special people prevail over a town's creul gossip, and another evil minds determination, and find the way to a true and powerful love?
Catherine Anderson has mastered her craft, whether is is historical or contemporary, the richness of her writing stands out in any genre.  Ms. Anderson knows how to pull a reader into a story, and make it feel like a life experience.  Weaving words that touch us deeply, she brings this story to life, right in front of your eyes.
Be prepared to be captivated, Only By Your Touch is destined for your keeper shelf!

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