Only In My Dreams

Author: Kimberly White

Publisher: Arabesque/BET

Release Date: May 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Greyson Ballantyne has spent the last five years working hard to get to the top of his career. He is now the first black senior partner at a law firm; his busy work schedule and lifestyle was a good distraction for him while he tried to forget his only true love, Sutton Galloway. Now he’s walking away. He’s not happy, he’s never been happy. He wants to return to his hometown,
Hannaford Valley, and live a quiet life – and to find a way to win Sutton back.

Sutton Galloway is now a widow with a small child. Sutton married Alex five years ago, and even with problems, displayed her loyalty to him. She knew he’d never been faithful, but she tried her best, especially after having Sierra. When he died, she would never have suspected that her rich, successful husband would leave her and Sierra penniless. Forced to move back with her parents, she must start all over again.

When Greyson finds out that Sutton has also returned home, he is determined that she will be his and that nothing will keep them apart again. His love is the love of dreams, as Sutton quickly finds out. Is it possible for a man to love a woman as much as Greyson says he loves her? There must be a catch, Sutton thinks. He was one of her husband’s friends; he must be just like him one way or another. What will it take for Sutton to truly trust Greyson?

ONLY IN MY DREAMS tells us the story of two very different families – one loving and supporting, the other obsessive and controlling. Greyson’s family is as strong a family unit as you’d find. Sutton married into the other family, the Galloway family, a family with many secrets. Even though her husband died, Sutton’s mother-in-law will not let her go. Her mother-in-law, Mother Galloway, goes to extreme measures to control Sutton, much as she had Alex. This would also give Mother Galloway a chance at reigning over Sierra. The twist that occurs here might be the very thing to continue to keep Greyson and Sutton apart.

Kimberley White weaves a wonderful story that includes family, drama, love and passion. I thoroughly enjoyed reading ONLY IN MY DREAMS, and was rooting for Greyson and Sutton to find a way to each other so they both could find the joy true love brings. The obstacles were many, as there usually are, but what a wonderful journey until the end. I am now a fan of Ms. White’s, and gladly give ONLY IN MY DREAMS a five blue ribbon rating. This touching book has earned a spot in my keeper shelf.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Robin Taylor

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