Only You

Author: Francis Ray

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

Release Date: October 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Sierra Grayson is a real-estate broker who lives near her close-knit family in Santa Fe. Her mother, Ruth, has helped her four older brothers find the loves of their lives, so now it’s Sierra’s turn. Sierra, however, would rather let things happen naturally.

When Sierra takes her sister-in-law’s place at a charity auction, handsome real estate mogul Blade Navarone is the highest bidder. When they go out on their date, they’re attracted to each other, but Blade doesn’t want anything permanent, and Sierra is reluctant to give her heart—and her virginity—to a man who isn’t going to stick around. When Sierra learns that Blade is opening a luxury complex in Dallas, and that he’s looking for someone to act as the exclusive broker, she knows this could be her big break. But is Blade willing to look beyond the gorgeous exterior to see what an extraordinary businesswoman and beautiful person Sierra is?

Ms. Ray has written another charming romance about the Grayson family. Sierra and her brothers are extremely close, and her brothers can be somewhat overprotective, but that’s the love of an older brother for you! Sierra is a wonderful protagonist—she’s so perfect that it’s hard not to be jealous of her life, but she’s also very down-to-earth. Her intelligence and ambition have helped her get where she is—nothing has been handed to her.

Blade Navarone is a sensual alpha male—ruthless in his business deals, but with a hidden sensitivity that comes out whenever he’s with Sierra. Blade has a secret in his past that he keeps buried, and it continues to affect his relationships—including his relationship with Sierra. He has a difficult time opening up to her, but Sierra is persistent, and she’ll always go after what she wants—whether it’s a job or a man. Blade’s love for Sierra is tested during the final chapters of the book, where Ms. Ray takes the story from a very sweet and sensual romance to a suspenseful climax.

Overall, ONLY YOU is an excellent love story with two likeable and nuanced characters. Even though Sierra is the last of the Grayson siblings, I got the feeling that Ruth isn’t finished with her matchmaking yet! I’d love to see her help Blade’s bodyguards, Rio and Shane, find the women they were meant to be with.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lucia Nelson

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