Only with a Highlander
By Brenda Edde
Sep 1, 2005 - 11:00:00 AM

Matt Gregor bought Bear Mountain two years ago; however, building his business and looking for his brother have postponed his arrival until now. Walking past a Pine Creek art gallery, he is drawn to a painting whose artist has a passion for nature. He is sure that this artist will be able to help him locate the best location and envision the new home he plans to build on Bear Mountain. Meeting Winter MacKeage and learning that she is the gallery owner and the artist of the painting that drew his attention, he immediately offers her the commission to find his home site. As he negotiates with her for the purchase of "Moon Watcher" and a picture depicting a panther he learns Winter is as stubborn as she is beautiful and talented and as they tour the mountain he finds that her family will protect her from his hidden agendas.

Winter has been raised in a family that embraces the magical and the improbable. Her father, Laird Greylen MacKeage was born 800 years ago in the highlands of Scotland. He and other Highlanders were brought forward in time by the druid Daar who was trying to restore destiny to its proper path. What Winter is not aware of is her part in that destiny and that she will have hard choices to make when she comes into the powers that have been dormant until now. Winter is stunned and intrigued when the sexy Matt Gregor is drawn so strongly to her "Moon Watcher" and offers her the commission to pick the location and envision how his home should look, however, Daar warns Greylen that the mystical "tree of life" on the mountain is in danger and only Winter with her untapped powers can save the tree and the world. How she will react to that knowledge will impact how destiny will play out.

As Matt and Winter explore the mountain to find his new home site, they find that they are more than attracted to each other, it feels like they were destined to be together...However, when Greylen tells Winter about her magical destiny, the druid heritage she knew nothing about, she is torn between the growing attraction she feels and saving the world, as she knows it. When Matt's heritage and true reasons for coming to Bear Mountain are revealed, Winter and Matt's love may have to be sacrificed to right the wrongs of past generations. Can destiny be changed to include their love? Can two people determined to right past wrongs alter the calamity of epic proportions that hovers over them like the sword of Damocles?

In ONLY WITH A HIGHLANDER, Ms. Chapman has written a story spanning the past, present and the different possibilities of the future and given Matt and Winter the challenge of making the tough decisions that will test their honor and courage. What I found most intriguing about ONLY WITH A HIGHLANDER was the underlying message that each day brings new challenges to be met, new hope, new joy and the choice of how you live your life. In any age, medieval or modern, the challenges we face should be met with a wide-eyed faith that can bring you through anything that fate or destiny throws at you. A huge thank you to Ms. Chapman for writing this story as it gave me a wonderful romance to read and a reminder that with courage, love and faith, life can be met head on and that hope springs eternal.

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