Ooh Rah!

Author: Tilly Greene

Publisher: Phaze Books

Release Date: December 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Serving the Marine Corps as a Warrant Officer is a great source of pride for Dale Smythe.   Currently on leave after a tour in Afghanistan, Dale doesn’t believe he needs anything more than a place to workout, sleep and eat.   Women are fine but his lifestyle isn’t conductive to anything permanent - or so he thinks.

Tasha Ruskya has worked long hard hours in order to obtain the independent lifestyle she loves.   She owns her own company where she designs websites and her services are highly sought after. Finding a man she wants to share the rest of her life with and starting a family are the only things on her list of goals that she hasn’t yet accomplished.


Dale’s landlord, an old retired Marine named Tucker, enjoys ribbing Dale about his lack of a love life.   During the course of their discussion, Tucker mentions how much he regrets never marrying and having a loving woman waiting on him to return from each mission.   That gets Dale thinking that maybe he should invest more time in finding his ideal woman.   Dale had already made the decision to volunteer at the local Race for a Cure 5k run - his own mother died of breast cancer - but he hadn’t truly expected to find his ideal woman amongst the runners.


As soon as Dale sees Tasha he opts to join her and finish the race at her side.   There’s no denying the sexual attraction for either of them.   Once they reach the end of the race, they agree to meet up for dinner.   Over dinner, they discover just how compatible they truly are and the sex is damn good too.   Dale and Tasha are quick to fall in love but Dale is only home on leave.   What will happen when he’s deployed again?


Tilly Greene has become one of my favorite authors because of her ability to combine really hot sex and storylines that hold the reader captive until the very end.   OOH RAH! gives readers insight into the emotional turmoil any woman who loves a military man lives with on a daily basis.   Dale and Tasha are perfect for each other.   They share many common interests but Dale’s military career and his deployment could come between them - if they let it.   This is a wonderful story full of passion, scorching hot sex and memorable characters so be sure to pick up your copy today.   The cover alone is well worth picking up this book and fortunately the story is just as good.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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