Open Invitation
By Angel
Aug 25, 2008 - 11:47:16 AM


Debbie Carter thinks she is going to find the man of her dreams at The Sex Club and what she finds is Stephan.  A man who is in charge of his sensuality and wants much more from Debbie than just one encounter.  Both will find more than just pleasure together.


Virginia Hansen has been married three times and each one ended in failure.  Determined that this time she will marry a stable guy without any sparks or flare she finds the perfect man in Brett.  Then she wonders if maybe she can make the sparks fly herself and Brett is more than willing to help her try.  Will the fourth time be the charm?



Stacy is used to having men adore her, especially younger men.  Over forty years old she figures a man her age or older can’t do a thing for her.  Then she meets Judson who is intent on showing her that an older man can do much more for her than a younger one and shows her a passion unlike any she’s ever known.


All three stories hook in together and create a package that readers won’t soon forget.  Each story has it’s own appeal and it’s own lead characters that will capture you and keep you turning the pages.  The sensuality in this book is very high and passion is definitely the name of the game.  You are pulled into each story and become lost in each woman’s quest for love and happiness.  Jasmine Hayes has done an excellent job of creating three stories that will stick you long after they are over and will certainly leave you wanting to read more of Jasmine Hayes work.

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