Ordinary Bride, Society Groom
By Connie Spears
Jun 1, 2006 - 6:03:00 AM

Eloise was attending a black tie event with her editor Cassie, to discuss the rights and wrongs, dos and don'ts of what people were wearing.  Eloise Lawton is a fierce fashion critic for IMAGE magazine.  Her pen is mightier than any sword and some people in high society or any society for that matter, pays attention to what she writes about.  Others are afraid of her pen.  Luckily the men sometimes miss the sharp whit of her pen, but the women need to beware and prepare to face the criticism to come.

As she looked around the room, her gaze alighted on a certain man, Jeremy Norland.  Jeremy  "Jem" Norland is the stepson of a viscount and works with wood, making furniture.  As Cassie left Eloise's side to socialize with other partrons, Eloise's mind drifted and started thinking about the past several weeks.

Her mothers death six years ago had produced two crates that she had gone through only to find a heart wrenching letter about an affair with a married man, and Eloise's birth.  She brought her mind to matters at hand and looked over to where Jem was standing, and their glances locked. His eyes had anger in them and he started heading straight towards her.  She needed to find the balcony and in a hurry, she desperately needed air!  But Jem wanted to confront her about the letter she sent to his family and he demanded answers, and wanted them now!

ORDINARY BRIDE, SOCIETY GROOM by Natash Oakley is about confronting the ghosts of our past to our present, and protecting the ones we respect and love.  And acknowledging our place in life, of who we are.  Ms. Oakley shows the reader that we all have a place in life where we belong, no matter what our station is.  As a reviewer I am very partial to this author and have always enjoyed her books. Everyone should read ORDINARY BRIDE, SOCIETY GROOM, because it is a keeper with heart!

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