Ordinary Women, Not

Author: Shelly Gail Morris

Publisher: Zumaya Publications

Release Date: July 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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ORDINARY WOMEN, NOT, is anything but ordinary.  Shelly Gail Morris has created a unique grouping of short stories that beckons you to come inside, sit for a while, and connect with some of the most remarkable women ever written about.

You’ll meet women who will touch your heart in so many ways.  They’ll share their laughter and tears, love and loss with you just as if you were a true friend, who was holding their hand while sitting beside them. 


In THE FACE’S IN THE LOCKET, You’ll meet Ruby, who is embarking upon a new journey, leaving her old life behind.  A golden locket, a mysterious picture, and a magical twist of fate will take Ruby to a place in her life where she is meant to be.


There are seventeen stories in all – each so very different, each one so captivating you’ll not be able to turn away.  You’ll meet old and new friends, all who express themselves in the only way they know; and you’ll come face to face with your own reflection as you realize you’re not alone.  Each story is special; each one is so very personal.  It’s as if Ms. Morris has written them for you alone.


One particular story, THE WISHING STAR, touched me so deeply that as I read it, my heart began to pound and my eyes began to tear.  You can’t help but believe in these characters because you already knew them.  When you read this story, you’ll come to realize that some things happen because they are meant to be.  Is it destiny?  Is it because someone else had faith in you to succeed when you had none in yourself?  Maybe the next time you read your horoscope or that next fortune cookie, you’ll see a glimmer of hope.  Ms. Morris lets you know that yes, you can conquer anything you set out to do.  It’s within your reach. 


Such is the world she has created.  In each of her stories there were real people speaking to me.  With each turn of a page, a piece of me and my life were revealed. It was as if my feelings were on displayed for the whole world to see. 


Poignant, melancholy, adventurous, spellbinding, courageous, and loving, are all strong qualities Ms. Morris brings to each of her characters.  Each one has something we’ve all strived to achieve.


It is with personal pride that I share with you my thoughts on this most talented and intuitive author.  Ms. Morris makes you feel as if she can see inside all of us.  She seems to know us better than we know ourselves.  Could it be that she has read our minds?  She has certainly exposed our lives.  This is an uncanny collection of self-truths and insight written in a most entertaining manner.  I look forward to all of her future works.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Patti Fleishman

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