By CinLee
Jul 1, 2009 - 6:42:33 PM

After spending an interesting evening at an erotic photography show, something deep within Pamela Wilkinson was stirred. A fantasy, a desire that she is just now aching to have realized. But all of her dates are complete failures at giving her what she needs and even her best friend doesn’t understand what Pamela wants. During her birthday party, her friends give Pamela a dog collar and leash, which she promptly puts on. After teasingly leading Pam around on the leash,  her best friend hands off the leash to a stranger while she powders her nose. Jolie has no idea what she has set in motion

Horacio Sloan is immediately fascinated by the drunken woman at the end of the leash. He even warns Pamela that someone might take her seriously, but she doesn’t deny that at all. Each week he finds himself at the bar, flirting with her across the distance until finally one week he brings his assistant along. Soon Pamela finds herself in a limo with a man who is a complete stranger and ends up spending the night at his isolated mansion. Frightened and fascinated, Pamela knows this is the one man who will give her fantasy life and he would not disappoint her.


I’m still catching my breath from this one. Each word flickers like a flame from the heat between Pam and Horacio. Horacio is a definite alpha master yet shows a gentleness in his handling of Pamela that borders on the exquisite. Pamela is a well fleshed out character, showing her internal struggle of wanting her fantasy at the same time as fearing it. If you like your stories hot, ORION by Roscoe James is not to be missed. The BDSM D/s elements are very strong in this book and elemental to the story but are written very well.

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