Our Little Secret
By Pamela Denise
Jun 1, 2010 - 8:39:16 PM

Prim and proper Lauren Sutherland has always been known as steadfast and reliable. She loves her twin sister Meg dearly, but her reckless ways can be a bit much sometimes. However, her latest antic takes the cake. Meg has gone off and married her boss, Senator Creighton, who’s known all over Washington, D.C., for his fondness of females. Lauren gets briefed suddenly of this latest development over a phone call with Meg as she insists on Lauren coming out to visit. Yet, when Lauren arrives at the Creighton mansion, her sister, or her new brother-in-law, isn’t any where to be found. It seems Lauren isn’t the only one looking for the newlyweds. The senator’s son, Drew, has also made his way in to town, and he isn’t too pleased with acquiring a new stepmother.

Drew Creighton knows all about the world of politics. After all, they were the forefront of much of his childhood. He loves his father, but has decided a government job is not for him. Instead, Drew chooses to run a ski resort in Colorado and help disadvantaged youth.  When he gets wind of his father’s sudden marriage, he can’t believe his ears. Drew knows Senator Creighton, and a one-woman man just doesn’t fit the bill. When he arrives at his family home in order to find out what’s going on, he discovers the happy couple has disappeared. His beautiful new aunt is enduring to stick up for her sister, but he is sure his father’s young bride has married for money and power.



As Drew and Lauren, along with the senator’s assistant Gerard, start digging for clues as to the couple’s whereabouts, things start to get hairy. Some rather compromising photos are uncovered, along with some assailants who seem to want Lauren, whom they believe is Meg, dead.  Scandal and blackmail are discovered, which arouses suspicion that corrupt politicians are involved. Although Drew and Lauren clash in the beginning, their underlying attraction for one another surfaces in the face of danger. As they follow one paper trail after another, things really start to heat up between the two. However, their connection may be short-lived, as some higher ups definitely want their secrets to remain hidden.



OUR LITTLE SECRET is a fun mystery that is lightened a bit by its often comical dialogue and the love/hate relationship of the hero and heroine. Star Ambrose brings forth the perfect combination of humor, heat and intrigue to entertain for hours. I really felt connected with her characters and storyline from the beginning. The few twists and turns along the way were a welcomed bonus. This is definitely a book to grab for your to-be-read list.

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