Out Of Bounds
By Angel
Sep 4, 2006 - 12:34:00 PM

Brand can’t believe when the little boy comes to him looking for his father and he knows from the moment he sees the father’s name that the boy is his son.  He nearly married his high school sweetheart Dani so long ago, but he was lead to believe that she wouldn’t keep the baby.  Brand must go to Dani and find out why she kept his son a secret from him all these years.

Dani is shocked when Brand shows up at her job, upset that he has a son and didn’t know about it.  Now he wants to be apart of their lives and the only safe way to do that is to marry her.  One thing stands in the way of their ultimate happiness, Brand’s family and the town that they came from.  Can Dani be the woman that Brand needs in his life or will she wind up losing him and her son in the process?


OUT OF BOUNDS is a great tale of childhood sweethearts reuniting to find out some very different facts about what caused them to break up in the past?  Brand is dominant to the extreme and won’t let twelve years apart stop him from claiming the woman he has always wanted.  Dani has some esteem issues to get over before she can make it work with Brand, but she is more than willing to be his submissive in the bedroom.  The love scenes are fiery and full of erotic romance.  Ann Jacobs is a well know author with a reputation for wonderful tales that capture the imagination.  Readers will love the story of Brand and Dani and eagerly look forward to Ann Jacobs next book.

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