Out Of Eden
By Cheryl McInnis
Mar 10, 2010 - 9:08:51 PM

Good girl Kylie McGraw is tired of her boring life, her boring shoes and her boring hometown. After yet another predictable birthday spent with only her best friend for company, Kylie decides that it’s time to shake things up a bit. Nobody is going to stop her…not her family…not the townspeople…and especially not Eden’s hunky new police chief, Jack Reynolds.

After burning out on the crime ridden streets of New York City, Jack Reynolds has come back to his hometown of Eden.  He is looking to reconnect with his estranged sister and to gain the peace and serenity that has been missing from his life. What he finds instead is his best friend’s little sister, who is determined to turn the quiet little town of Eden on its ear, and despite his best intentions, Kylie McGraw ends up turning Jack on his ear as well.

Even as Jack tries his hardest to keep Kylie out of trouble, she finds an ally in a young widower named Travis Martin, who wants more than anything to help Kylie achieve her dreams. But Travis has secrets from his past that he is hiding. Secrets that once exposed threaten to destroy the innocence of the town forever. Kylie’s wish for excitement may come true, but the price she has to pay may be more than she ever thought possible.

OUT OF EDEN is a sexy and charming story that held me enthralled from the very start. Author Beth Ciotta has definitely caught the pulse of life in a small town with all of its quirks and characters. The story flowed quickly and I really enjoyed every moment, particularly the interaction between Kylie and the other residents of Eden. I can’t wait until September 2010 and Ms. Ciotta’s next book, INTO THE WILD, which is about Kylie’s older, and very adventurous brother, Spenser.

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