Out Of My League
By Dina Smith
Sep 1, 2005 - 12:53:00 PM

It was Detective Jack McGuire's last day on the LAPD and it couldn't come soon enough for him. Los Angeles just was not the place for him and this last assignment just convinces Jack of that even more. Here he was supposed to be questioning this woman about a murder and every time he got anywhere near her all the blood from his brain seemed to head south and all he could do was stare. Now she really has him rattled when she asks him to go to Mexico with her and teach her how to seduce a man on camera.

Lucy St. John was having a major problem. She loved modeling but she really needed this acting job, she has big plans for the money she will get. The problem is every time the lead actor touches her she freezes up and unless she learns to loosen up she is going to lose this job. Then when Lucy met Jack she came up with the perfect plan, if she can convince him to go along with it.


Jack and Lucy head to the beautiful beaches of Mexico where the movie will be filmed and Lucy will begin her lessons in seduction. Jack reluctantly agrees to Lucy's plan but soon starts to have doubts when he begins to have feelings for Lucy. Does this cop from New York even have a chance with this supermodel from Los Angeles or is she just way out of his league?


OUT OF MY LEAGUE is definitely one hot read that left this reviewer feeling totally satisfied. Reading this great story had me wishing I had my own hot detective to teach me the art of seduction. Therese MacFarland did an awesome job in creating characters that were likable and a story that was both enjoyable and sensual. If you are in the mood for a short but satisfying read I would definitely recommend reading OUT OF MY LEAGUE.

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