Out Of Order
By Teresa Henson
Mar 1, 2005 - 11:07:00 PM

Shelby Jacobs has the worst luck with men...and jobs. She has only been employed at Gerry's Game-O-Rama a week when the police raided the business and she is arrested for gunrunning. Ignoring her protests and claims of innocence, the police arrest her and take her downtown to be booked.

Attorney, Dallas Williams is at the Haines Street lockup to pick up some arrest reports for a client, he plans to spend as little time as possible there-he hates the place. He is surprised when one of the female prisoners speaks to him. He doesn't want to have anything to do with the female he dubs in his mind as "angel-eyes," but she is persistent.


When Shelby explains that she is a friend of his partner's fiance he decides that he better intervene on her behalf, as a favor to his partner. He only plans to get her released, he doesn't plan on spending the evening with her and his partner's fiance, but he does. Shelby is not his type at all; he can't understand why he is so attracted to this blatantly sexy woman. Luckily, he won't have to be around her for long...he hopes!


To make matters even more complicated, his partners hire Shelby to work in their office without consulting him. How can he go to work every day with someone who bares her midriff at work? How can he keep his mind on his work with those long legs bared by mini skirts? Things are not the same once this ditzy woman, who turns out not to be a ditzy as she seems, takes over.


Before I finished reading the first page of OUT OF ORDER, I knew I was in for a laugh a minute read. With a heroine like Shelby who can only think of how she is supposed to pick up her dry cleaning on time while she is being arrested, and a hero who is straight-laced, you can only imagine the conflicts to come. It was entertaining and believable to watch the development of the relationship between Shelby and Dallas, and to see them peel away the layers of their complicated personalities to surprise each other with what is underneath. Things are not always the way they appear. I was highly impressed with this book by Barbara Dunlop and will definitely be looking for more of her work!

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