Out for Christmas
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 8, 2007 - 6:41:00 PM

Spending the holidays in Australia has been a dream of Zach Myers since he learned that Christmas comes at the height of summer there. It’s the vacation of a lifetime - sun, sand, snorkeling, outside grilling. His dream has finally come true. The only problem is he’d intended to bring a bride with him on his honeymoon trip. His bride-to-be backed out of the wedding three weeks before it was to have occurred. Her reason is valid but Zach is still struggling to come to grips with it all.

Since the trip to Australia’s Gold Coast is already paid for Zach opts to go anyway. Rather than spending his time on the beach though, he spends it in either the hotel bar or his suite - trying to drink himself into forgetfulness. Zach has always believed himself to be straight but he’s besieged with urges to stare at men, especially the sexy bartender Mitch Grey.

Unlike Zach, Mitch is openly gay and has no intention of going back into the closet for anyone. He’s noticed Zach staring at him and isn’t about to pass up the opportunity to be with a man whom he finds attractive. Mitch soon realizes that Zach is confused by his attraction to men. Being gay goes against everything he’s ever believed about himself. Will Mitch be able to convince him that coming OUT FOR CHRISTMAS could be the best gift he could give himself?

Amelia Elias's OUT FOR CHRISTMAS allows readers to experience the emotional turmoil that Zach experiences when he realizes that he is in fact gay. Mitch’s gentle no pressure introduction to the lifestyle left me in awe. It’s too bad straight guys aren’t that thoughtful! Zach and Mitch share a whirlwind courtship but eventually Zach does have to return home. I wondered how he’d handle coming out to his family and friends and if they’d accept him or shun him. OUT FOR CHRISTMAS is a sweet tale that had me in tears one moment and smiling the next and left me feeling good about life in general.

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