Out of Control
By Gayle
Jun 15, 2014 - 8:46:30 PM

Author Zachary Hunter is rich, famous and a playboy. He loves women but isn’t interested in any relationship outside of the bedroom, and he hates being told what to do. When his latest book turned movie garners death threats, he’s forced to hire a security company for protection. He’s expecting a burly bodyguard but gets Sergeant Danielle Sinclair, a pint-sized red-head with a sassy attitude. He planned on keeping his distance but the zing of attraction won’t let him.

After being injured by a bomb in Afghanistan, Dani’s waiting to return to active duty. A short assignment for her friend’s security company seems like the answer until she meets her new client—Zachary Hunter. He’s a sexist, with an offensive attitude that drives her nuts, and every time he opens his mouth she wants to kill him. Too bad he’s gorgeous—and that’s also driving her nuts.

OUT OF CONTROL is the second release in Nina Croft’s contemporary series, BABYSITTING A BILLIONAIRE. Please be aware that it’s not necessary to read the books in order.

This light and steamy contemporary is easy to read and has lots of sexual tension to keep your attention. The pace is smooth, the descriptions vivid and the personalities of the characters well developed, except unfortunately, while Dani showed depth and integrity, Zach was charming and shallow. Dani wants to stay in the army, but I never had a good feeling that she really belonged there. It was the reasons from her past that the author expounded on that put her there, but with her size and personality it didn’t seem a good fit. It’s a case of life circumstances.

Adding the dogs (she’s a trainer) is a nice touch. I mean who doesn’t like animals? And knowing Zach didn’t like them made me chuckle, but I have to give the author points when Zach brought Dani a stray. That was the moment that Zach has a chance of redemption with me and it was a brilliant move. It made me smile. Without that one gesture, I would have continued to dislike him. Good going, Ms. Croft.

Considering the reason that Dani met Zach, I was a bit disappointed at the quick resolution to the threat aspect of the plot. Do I wish some things had been different and less predictable? Yes. Did it stop me from enjoying my hours spent reading it? No.


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