Out of My Mind
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 4, 2008 - 4:59:19 AM

Rafferty Jones has always believed himself to be ‘straight’ so the simple fact that he can’t stop fantasizing about his partner Nick is cause for concern.   For the past four years they’ve been the best of friends and Nick has been there for Rafferty through several traumatic events.   He’s been trying to avoid Nick as much as possible outside of work but during a recent investigation he opens his mouth and invites Nick out for one last weekend trip on his boat before he winterizes her.

Nick Tucker has no illusions about his sexuality.   He’s gay but since he left Boston for the little Maine town of Cavanaugh Bay his focus has been on making a fresh start and not looking for a lover.   He’s successfully controlled his growing feelings for Rafferty over the past four years but lately he’s sensing a change in his best friend’s mannerisms that have him questioning if maybe Rafferty feels the same way about him.


Nick and Rafferty’s friendship has only grown stronger in the time they’ve known each other.   Through injury and divorce, Rafferty could always count on Nick to be there for him when he needed him - just like a great friend would be.   That doesn’t explain why he’s begun having sexual fantasies involving Nick.   Rafferty’s already regretting asking Nick to go boating with him.   It’s going to be extremely hard on his self control to keep his feelings hidden.   As their time together progresses and they tease and reminisce but Nick is still aware that something is bothering Rafferty.   It’s really bothering him that the normally opinionated and talkative man is closed off and being evasive.   At first Nick thinks that he’s done something to anger Rafferty but then he realizes something. Rafferty keeps glancing his way which Nick thinks could mean that Rafferty’s attracted to him.   It’ll take an incoming storm and Nick being thrown overboard for them to admit to their feelings.   Despite their feelings for each other, reality in a small community intrudes.   Rafferty’s lived his whole life in this little town.   Will he be able to openly admit to his love for Nick or is that a facet of himself he’ll have to keep hidden?


OUT OF MY MIND is a breathtaking venture into the relationship between Rafferty and Nick as they admit that they desire more from each other than simple friendship.   I love how M. L. Rhodes allows readers to get to know the characters and become privy to their thoughts and fears.   I had to laugh during the course of their conversations over how Rafferty’s boat came by her name, OUT OF MY MIND.   These are two men you want to see have a happily ever after but Rafferty’s discomfort with anyone finding out about them is a huge issue.  


If you’re looking for a gay romance that will have you experiencing a myriad of emotions - everything from laughter to tears then be sure to pick up a copy of OUT OF MY MIND.

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