Stuart Sisters Trilogy, Book 2 - Out of the Blue
By Jaymi
Jan 25, 2004 - 8:30:00 PM

Lark had only wanted two things in her life, a singing career and Lucas McCloud.  She’d lost Lucas seven years earlier.
Cody, her ex-husband had almost ruined her career.  Cody’s ideas for her performances were the bigger the better.  It didn’t matter to him that she only wanted to sing, Lark wasn’t interested in the drama and lights.  Slowly she’s been putting her life back together.  Lark tried not to think of the past, there was too much pain in those thoughts.  She’d been kidnapped as a teenager and the same man had later stalked her.  Lucas blamed himself for what happened to Lark.  He figured if they hadn’t argued, she wouldn’t have gone looking for him and the man who kidnapped her wouldn’t have found her alone.

It’s now seven years later, Lark is in New Orleans when the police approach her.  For a brief moment she can’t imagine what they could possibly want with her.  Then again, she can’t explain the blood that covers her either.  Suddenly she remembers that she was out with a friend when they were approached and he was shot in the head.  Lucas goes to Lark because he knows that she is in danger, but convincing her that he’s there to protect her is a whole other matter.  Lucas knows he hurt her badly when he walked away all those years ago, but it was the only thing he could think to do to set her free.  Lark wanted to sing; Lucas wanted to join the military.  He knew Lark would never have her dream if she stayed with him.  So he did what he thought was best; he let her go, and in the process ripped his own heart to pieces.  Not that he expected Lark to believe any of that.  The guilt ate him alive at what she’d suffered.  What Lucas does know is that Lark’s kidnapper/stalker has escaped from prison and he will do whatever he has to keep her safe, regardless of whether she likes it or not.  Lucas is thankful for this second chance; he doesn’t intend to lose Lark again.  Lucas’s main concerns are whether or not he can keep her safe with the danger all around them, and if can he convince her to give him a second chance.


Second in the Stewart sister’s trilogy, OUT OF THE BLUE is an adventurous and exhilarating story.  Danger and intrigue are a constant presence as Lark and Lucas try to find their way back to each other.  Love for one another is obvious between then, but trust is another matter.  JOANN ROSS writes a highly passionate, slightly erotic love between Lucas and Lark.  OUT OF THE BLUE was outstanding; I could not put this book down.

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