Outside Protocol
By Angel
Jun 21, 2007 - 11:44:35 AM

Robyn knows that rules are meant to be broken but not by her.   They are very important to her way of life and the standard by which she lives.   Then Robyn finds the two things that are willing to make her break the rules.   Jace and Nash are the ultimate sex gods and a threesome is just what Robyn needs.   Of course society will look down on their relationship, but is it worth giving up her old way of life?

Nash and Jace want Robyn and after refusing to let her go.   They know that Robyn is a woman who is used to playing by the rules and being with two men at once is a new thing for her.   Being Special Forces puts them in dangerous situations all the time and now that they have found the perfect woman they are unwilling to watch her walk away from them.


OUTSIDE PROTOCOL is definitely not a book for the faint of heart and readers will find themselves panting in anticipation of what will happen next.   Robyn is very level-headed and totally a down to earth type of woman.   Jace and Nash on the other hand are dominant and controlling and everything has to be done their way.   However, you will never find two hotter men that are willing to fulfill all of Robyn’s fantasies.   Dawn Ryder has written a story that is so hot the pages almost catch flame.   If you are looking to expand your horizons into a new genre then this is definitely the book to get you started.

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