Over The Waters
By Sherri Myers
Apr 27, 2006 - 12:01:00 AM

Max Jordan, better known to his patients as 'Dr. Botox', is a highly-successful plastic surgeon in Chicago when he is notified of his son's death in Haiti.  Angry with Josh for wasting his talents on orphans, Max flies to Haiti one year later in an attempt to find out what Josh's fascination with the Haitian orphans was really about.  He never even gave it a thought they might also capture his heart, and lead him to a peace and contentment he only ever had dreamed of.

Valerie Austin is an American volunteer to a Haitian orphanage on the same flight as Max.  Having cancelled her wedding to a man with differing values in life, Valerie is instead spending her honeymoon vacation helping out at the orphanage.  After her arrival in Haiti, it isn't long before the two meet up since they are visiting neighboring orphanages. 


Max's personal journey towards peace and faith has him seeking out Valerie's upbeat personality, which has him somewhat confused as to how she is always so cheerful in the face of such bleak surroundings.  She is quick to let Max know her secret is her faith in God.  Can Valerie lead Max to a knowledge and acceptance of the grace of God for his own life?  Will love bloom in the humid backdrop for these two Americans so far from home?


Deborah Raney has written a novel sure to tug the heartstrings of its readers. The characters are realistic with strengths and weaknesses easy to identify with, and the descriptions of Haiti make the reader feel as if they are really there sweating in the hot sun.  Will Max surrender his heart to God, and maybe to Valerie too?  You'll have to read OVER THE WATERS to find out, but I can assure you you won't be disappointed in the outcome.

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