By Cat Cody
Sep 5, 2007 - 10:23:43 AM

When Izzie Natale’s father had a stroke, the family needed her to come back to Chicago to run the family bakery. Being elbow deep in flour is a lot different than dancing with the Rockettes. After that type of life, a girl needs to do a little something away from the watchful eyes of well intentioned family members and neighbors. Dancing at a gentlemen’s club as the Crimson Rose is just the jolt of excitement Izzie needs to keep her going until she can go back to her life in New York City.

Former Marine Nick Santori feels like a stranger with his own family. He knows his brother and father want him to become partners in the family restaurant, but marinara doesn’t run through his veins the way it does for them. He’d thought all he wanted when he got home from Iraq was to settle down and have a normal life with a normal family. Now that he’s immersed in domesticity, he’s not quite sure he’s ready for it. The only thing that’s kept his pulse from flat lining is the sight of little Izzie Natale all grown up—in all the right places.


Izzie can’t believe not only has Nick Santori left the service, but he’s back in Chicago at his family’s restaurant. AND, even worse, he doesn’t recognize her! The big jerk has the nerve to hit on her after she’d spent years suffering from her crush on him. Well, she told him where to go and how to get there and good riddance. Except, she can’t keep him out of her dreams and doesn’t want to keep him out of her bed. But he’s got her picked out for his future wife and that’s not what she wants.


Or is it?


Leslie Kelly’s OVEREXPOSED is a fast paced, sizzling read that is as amusing as it is smoldering. From page one to the very end, you’ll be riveted to Izzie and Nick’s tale.   The only thing sweeter than Izzie’s sugary confections are the emotions rolling through this story. Pick up a copy of OVEREXPOSED and enjoy every last bite.


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