Overnight Sensation
By Lacey
Oct 2, 2008 - 10:04:20 PM

Garrett Stokes has secretly loved actress Ivy James for years.  Having served in the military, his infatuation with her is what got him through months spent in the hospital after being injured in war.  So when he creates a sizzling movie about a war hero based on Garrett’s real-life experiences, the only lady that can fill the lead actress’ role is none other than Ivy James herself.

For Ivy, starring lead in the next blockbuster hit would be her big break but not only that.  The screenplay touches her emotionally, reminding her of her brother and everything he went through while defending his country.  How could she say no?  As a part of the role, Ivy will be required to film sexy scenes with one of Hollywood’s famous hotties, but it’s not Eric Terrell who makes her body burn.  It is the technical assistant Mr. Garrett Stokes himself.


However, Garrett is keeping a secret from her.  He did not hire her for the part because of her acting skills.  He hired her because of his lust for her, which only makes him wonder, what will she think of him once she finds out?


OVERNIGHT SENSATION is a blockbuster hit itself.  Filming a movie never looked so sexy until Ivy and Garrett came along.  The passion between these two ignites from the first time they lay eyes on each other and sizzles on the pages until the very end of the book.  OVERNIGHT SENSATION is not a book to be missed.

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